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Amazing new CCS. Travel

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 5, 2009, 12:07 PM


:bulletyellow:Well thanks to :iconluna777: i got this amazing CCS commission from her. It looks amazing, im very happy i asked her for it, i love how it turned out thank you so much Luna:heart:
:bulletyellow:So as i said previously, i am going to Seoul, Korea on the 10th of this month to see a friend. I am living at their house for a while, this is really exciting because i get to go to Asia and i ALWAYS wanted to go there!! So this is an amazing experience.
:bulletyellow:Im on a spring break from university. It's good because i need this break, so much work from university but im pretty happy with it! Thank you all for everything!







Team Element

New Team Element Stamp by GameLink7


Image hosted by

Zamie Cat is Speed © ZamieCat

Zamie cat is battle crazies kitty always up to prove herself and ready for a challenge. She likes to help when she can and will defend people in trouble with no 2nd thought in her mind so she is always getting hurt. She can get full of herself at times and is very clumsy when she is. Her past is unknown but her skills and determination is not what can make a cat girl such as she battles so hard and protect so much even if it cost her own life.
Zamie was walking one day, no care in the world. Than Zamie saw that Rebella was in trouble with some robots and with no 2nd thought she jumps in to help. When the battle was over Zamie, decides to join Rebella in her adventure only to get in a huge mess with more robots!

Age: 18
Spunky, silly, fun loving, short sited, loyal, temper, determined, and full of pride.

Weapon: Bladed Staff

Her attacks are:

Knock out Cyclone (use team mates, a swirling kick and it turns into a small cycle and the other two grabs a hold of the user, it would make it more deadly with the user’s team mate’s feet hanging out the cycle smacking the enemies)

Homing Slash (use bladed staff, like a homing attack (sonic’s attack) as the user does this attack at the same time she can cut open the enemies with her weapon)

Lightning Slash (use speed and bladed staff, she can run top speed so no enemies can see her and once she past all the enemies in one wave of wind the enemies will collapse to the down by being cut by her weapon)

Image hosted by

Saphire the Unicorn is Fly © irikaru

Saphire was found in a forest by Ivy the Hedgehog and Zamie the Cat. He Started to talk to them and he told them all about his past. Saphire used to be his mother and fathers only child, until one day some villains came and burned his house. They tried to kill Saphire but they were not able to, but they chopped of his Left angle wings. He was taught by his master to not give up always stand up for his friends and always be there for them.

Crazy sometimes, energetic, helps his friends, quit around new people, does not give up fast.

Weapon: Element Spheres

His attacks are:

Summoning Element Sphere:He summons a sphere that contains one of the four elements, and uses them against his enemies.

White Feathers:Use hand, can shoot out white feathers from his hand.

Orbing:Can orb himself, or others by flicking his hand and shouting the place he wants them to get orbed to.

Illusion:Can make up a whole WORLD of illusions were he could kill his enemies SOULS not their bodies. But they still die.

Healing:Could heal a party member or himself when needed.

Image hosted by

Ivy Crystal is power © EvyCrystal

Ivy Crystal is the Gate Keeper (protector) of the Goddess La Lou and the powerful Sun and Moon Stone. She is known as the Angel of the Crystal or Crystal Blood. She was born after the Goddess La Lou had got done making La Lou Island which the ones who lived there name it that. The Goddess La Lou had her hands over the great stone of the Sun and Moon and than her hands enter in the stone like if it was a large rain drop instead of a solid stone that it is. She pulls out a new born female hedgehog . . . that is how Ivy was born. Ivy never ages so no one knows how old she is. She is able to turn into two forms, Crystal Spirit form and Angel form.
Ivy left her home island (La Lou Island) to bring back love and to wipe out the evil, and she meets Zamie and Rebella on her journey. It took Ivy a while to decide to join their team.

Age: Unknown
Calm, wise, caring, powerful, funny, full of life, can get really hyper, care for her friends, and can have  visions of the past, future and present.  

Weapon: La Lou’s Mirror (It is able to turn into any kind of weapon and can put objects in it by putting the objects through the glass)

Her attacks are:

Arrow Crystal  (use her weapon, crystal shape like arrows appear and shoot at the target)

Crystal Shield  (use her weapon, a crystal shield appears around the user and the ones she wishes to protect)

Spirit or Angel form (use inner power, can become a Crystal Spirit or Angel form)

Image hosted by
Thank You to for pixile chibi's:heart:

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